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A uniform rod of length 'l' is pivoted at one of its ends on a vertical shaft of negligible radius. When the shaft rotates at angular speed ω the rod makes an angle θ with it (see figure). To find θ equate the rate of change of angular momentum (direction going into the paper) (ml 2 /12) ω 2 sinθcosθ about the <b>centre</b> <b>of</b> <b>mass</b> (CM) to. <b>The</b> bar is further.

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A uniform rod is fixed to a rotating turntable so that its lower end is on the axis of the turntable and it makes an angle of 2 0 0 to the vertical. (The rod is thus rotating with uniform angular velocity about a vertical axis passing through one end.) If the turntable is rotating clockwise as seen from above. A uniform rod of mass 200 g and length 100 cm is free to rotate in a horizontal plane around a fixed vertical axis through its center, perpendicular to its length. Two small beads, each of mass 20 g, are mounted in grooves along the rod. Initially, the two beads are held by catches on opposite sides of the rod's center, 10 cm from the.

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